About Zoe

Organisational Psychologist | Leadership Developer
Culture Change Consultant | Awarded Career Coach

Zoe Fragou

Mover & Shaker!

Zoe Fragou

Mover & Shaker!

Hi! I’m Zoe.

The name Zoe has Greek origins and means “life”. So, besides actually being from Greece, I’m in fact the kind of person who is full of life. Some of the people who know me would argue that there is too much life going on in my life. I’m an organizational psychologist by profession, an agile leadership developer by expertise, a data-driven organizational change & culture transformer by passion, a model by hobby, an author by the force of nature and a keynote speaker just because I love sharing and spreading inspiration and building momentum.

In my career I’ve been described with a variety of idioms… smart cookie, whiz kid, woman of her word, jack of all trades… I seem to prefer mover and shaker as I love getting a lot of good things done.

What I do for organizations is very straight forward. I’ve worked with numerous leading organizations to help them build high-performance work cultures and enhance organizational effectiveness by delivering transformative solutions through leadership development and employee engagement.

How I achieve the desired results is a bit more complicated, but what did you expect? I improve organizational effectiveness by strategically aligning leadership programs, coaching & training, learning & development, and employee-engaging communications with company goals, to enable successful transformation – all while measuring the effectiveness of solutions and iterating with data-driven strategy improvements. I design team-building and bonding games, employee trainings, to-know-us-better activities and sensitivity interactive seminars in order to empower mental health, equality and diversity in the workspace. Finally, I create psychometric tools and performance evaluation systems to map corporate culture and add value in the recruitment processes.

To put it simply, I’m a trusted advisor who thrives when fostering transformation as the key link between higher business strategy and talent management.

My keynotes on leadership, culture, mental health and women’s leadership have been delivered to audiences around the world.

I’m also a Doctoral student, researching the Psychometrics of Corporate Culture, but you’ll come across my name in various Universities where I lecture. I hold an MSc in Human Resources Management, a Postgraduate Degree in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, a BSc in Psychology and a clinical psychologist license.

My voluntary work includes mentoring assignments with Women On Top, National Technical University of Athens, 100mentors and Erasmus.

I’m a food lover, board game geek and I love books, music, fashion and theater.

Hope our paths will cross soon.

Enjoy life!

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