If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for someone to educate and inspire your team or help you design and build the necessary processes and infrastructure that will enable your organisation to achieve a stable, exponential growth.

Executive & Team Coaching

Executive coaching can undeniably help leaders become more effective in their roles. Team coaching helps each role become more effective within their team.
Just like executive coaching, there are various elements within team coaching that help a team thrive. Goals, purpose, leadership skills, 360 assessments, individual aspirations and communication are some of the elements that can help both the leader and a team understand what they are collectively yearning for.

Team Building

Team building initiatives whether in the form of training or interactive activities help teams work together with deeper trust so they can engage in healthy conflict and debate and take decisions with greater agility and efficiency. Team building initiatives will also help your team find greater organizational clarity and the ability to communicate consistently with others in the organization as a whole. While business workflow and decisions remain difficult at large, teams develop a process to work through conflict, rather than getting stuck in it.

Corporate Culture Transformation

Corporate Culture Transformation

According to MIT Sloan’s recent study, toxic work culture is the #1 factor driving people to resign and unfortunately, a lot of culture transformation attempts fail to make things any better. There are many reasons why a work culture would be characterized as toxic such as, not recognizing or rewarding exceptional performance, prioritizing customers over employees, ignoring employees needs or not giving them a voice, ignoring mental health issues, failing to provide a psychologically safe environment and constantly blurring the line between work and life. Without a plan for a healthy work culture, it’s almost certain that the organization will default to at least some aspects of a toxic workplace. While cultural change can’t happen overnight, organizations that don’t cultivate a culture that works for their business, will surely fail.

Mental Health & Burnout

There are many types of mental health issues. An issue can happen suddenly, because of a specific event in someone’s life, or it can build up gradually over time. Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress. From designing a mental health policy, to actively listening and caring for your employees on a daily basis, action is mandatory for ensuring your organization’s healthy growth.

Agile Leadership Development Programs

Improve the skill sets, abilities and confidence of current business leaders, and bring on the company’s next generation of future leaders. Leadership development is not a sprint, it is a marathon – it requires continuous learning. The Leadership Development Programs are built with an emphasis on learning sessions, experiential periods and assignments, coaching and mentoring and finally an evaluation process to identify where each leader needs to improve and grow.

Career Coaching

Career coaching provides a range of services, from helping you figure out what you want to do to exploring opportunities for professional growth to supporting you through the turbulence of looking for a new job. As an awarded career coach (Global Coaching Conference of 2021), I’ll help you with your personal branding building, negotiations, interviewing and soft skills development to maximize your potential.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

People need new ways to think and talk about diversity, while leaders need new skills to enable equity and inclusion in the workplace. Similarly, organizations need scalable ways to ensure that their DEI initiatives avoid common pitfalls and are sustainable. Using latest research and rigorous frameworks, I help organizations to understand the dynamics of DEI in the workplace and within their particular organization and to identify specific actions they can take to help them progress around their DEI initiatives through sensitivity training.

People Skills

Stanford Research Institute International determined that 75% of the long-term success in a given job role is based on a mastery of soft skills, and only 25% of that job success comes from technical skills. Competencies like communication, conflict resolution, empathy, agility, resilience, active listening and problem solving underpin almost every facet of business operations. Life skills are crucial for gaining new clients, improving customer service metrics, nurturing healthy corporate cultures and building strong teams.

Zoe’s inputs and insights as part of our coaching engagement have been very powerful in helping me realize some of my blind spots…
Her approach is very smooth and her questions are great in uncovering underlying issues and limitations.
Rafik ElRaheb, Chief Information Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Egypt
Zoe is as inspirational, knowledgeable and eloquent.
I have enjoyed every moment of this mentorial relationship.
I have learnt and developed thanks to Zoe.
I cannot think of anyone more capable of coaching professionals than Zoe.
Maria-Eleni Kantilieraki, Process Development & Quality Expert for Product Quality, Polestar

Zoe is one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. My approach to work and life has been transformed by her. She helped me to discover better ways to deal with complex situations.

Gunasundaram Gnanamuthu, Chief Technology Officer, Forward Protocol

Zoe is a key member of the CTO Academy coaching team and works with our senior technology leaders from all over the world. She has a remarkable 1:1 ability to identify and help clients unblock what’s holding them back and from there, unlock their true leadership potential.

Andrew Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO, CTO Academy

An internal reengineering combined with a new way of messaging the values of our company, needed a quality professional HR with a broad range of skills. Those were all compiled in the personality of Zoe… thus knowledge of employment law, writing and developing strategic plans, and general critical-thinking skills were all implemented and finally reflected in the new “ID” of our company.

Aris Tsaldaris, President & CEO, Horizon Travel Inc. - DMC & Events

One of the best hires I made in my life. She is phenomenal. The value-add she can bring to business effortlessly and naturally with grace is a great experience to witness.

Karnika E. Yashwant, Co-Founder, Forward Protocol

Zoe is a true talent! Words are not enough to describe this rare personality. She managed to gain our trust from our first meeting. She understood immediately our needs, our company’s culture and provided effective solutions to problems that have been troubling us for years. Her knowledge, experience, professionalism, influence and high perception are admirable especially when taking into consideration her young age. We consider our company lucky to have come across her. Zoe is unique in every way!

Mina Agelokostopoulou, HR Manager, Sefco Zeelandia

Zoe combines the things that you already know with the things you need to develop. A driving force for our team!

Dionysios Gerasimides, Culture Transformation Officer, Kevin+Marshall Athens

Zoe was able to immediately engage and provide valuable insights after only our first session. Since then we have worked together to clarify the factors which most seriously affect my professional performance. Zoe has consistently provided practical advice that I have applied in my every day work activities. She has also proscribed exercises and activities to help me develop my skills overall. Zoe is direct, but supportive and always constructive in her feedback. Her guidance has proven to be consistently accurate and effective.

Andrew Tople, Vice President of Software Engineering, Tovala

Zoe has an uncanny ability to take apart the perceived problem to find the real problem then help through a solution.

Christian Heinzmann, Sr. Director, Data, Indigo

Zoe is very professional, listens well, and diagnoses the problems with surprising accuracy!

Benaya Doron, Korea Country Manager, Helen Doron Educational Group

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Zoe. She is a creative mind and a thinking person. Mostly, she is a great professional! Her knowledge extends to many areas. She is really talented to recruiting, career coaching, motivational speaking and consulting, and with her wonderful personality can gain not only the respect but also the trust of her colleagues.

Eleni Kouroukli, Skills Consultant – Technical & Digital, Vodafone